360 Excavator above and below 10 tonnes

Duration :

1 day (up to 5 for novices)

Maximum trainees per course :


Price :

Cost on application

Inclusive of Lantra Awards Assessment

  • Identify the basic construction and components, and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges.
  • Identify and comply with manufacturer’s instructions in accordance with the operator’s handbook, other information sources and applicable legislation.
  • Carry out all pre-use and running checks.
  • Configure the excavator for site travel.
  • Travel the machine over varying types of terrain including rough undulating ground and substantial inclines.
  • Manoeuvre the excavator in confined areas.
  • Set the machine to excavate.
  • Excavate below ground level on a variety of excavations in different ground types.
  • Place spoil into various sizes of vehicles/hoppers.
  • Grade, spread and level different types of terrain.
  • Remove and re-attach buckets.
  • Place the machine in an out-of service condition.
  • Explain the loading and unloading procedures on and off a transporter.