Chainsaw operations tree pruning from rope and harness (previously NPTC Unit CS39)

Duration :

2 days

Maximum trainees per course :


Price :

Training - price on application

Registration price on application

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This unit covers the use of the chainsaw in the tree to carry out a range of cutting techniques.

  • Regulations and industry best practice
  • Working in the tree crown
  • Starting procedures
  • Correct handling of the saw
  • Accurate use of the saw to cut lightweight and medium weight branches

Equipment for tree climbing and operating chain saw from rope and harness (for NPTC units CS38, CS 39, CS 40 & CS 41):
Equipment required:

  • Harness complete with leg straps
  • Karabiners: three of three point gate. SWL 2000 kg
  • Rope. 12mm climbing line
  • Adjustable strop or lanyard
  • Climbing helmet with chinstrap (in date) to British Standard. Complete with visor and ear defenders. BS 5240 and EN352.
  • Gloves: optional
  • Prussic loops x 2 or split tails
  • Boots: chainsaw class 1
  • 360 degree type chain saw trousers. Type C class 1
  • First Aid Kit
  • Knife with retractable blade
  • Whistle

The following equipment is advised for trainees undertaking Unit CS 39

  • Top handled chainsaw
  • Pruning saw
  • Ropes for pulling branches and equipment up
  • Spare Karibiners
  • Bag for kit
  • Climbing strop

NPTC Certification is awarded on an "independent assessment" basis, requiring candidates to be assessed on an additional day after completion of training by an NPTC assessor unconnected with the training.

Course - notes

Trainees will be required to bring their own hard hat with chinstrap, harness with legloops, 12mm climbing line, triple action karabiners x 4, adjustable strop, suitable footwear and safety clothing, chainsaw, tools and fuel.