PA6 - Hand held applicators

Duration :

1 day

Maximum trainees per course :


Price :

Training - £120.00 + VAT (per person)

NPTC assessment - price on application

Discounts maybe available for in-house courses

  • PA6a -    Hydraulic nozzle or rotary atomizer type sprayers
  • PA6aw - Hydraulic nozzle or rotary atomizer type sprayers including  application to water
  • PA6ab     Application to water using viscous gel applicators
  • PA6ac     Granule applicators
  • PA6acw  Granule applicators including application to water
  • PA6ad     Other hand held applicators requiring minimal calibration

Assessment: Independent NPTC assessment follows this course

  • The requirements in detail of current legislation
  • Applying pesticides safely and efficiently
  • Identifying and selecting appropriate nozzles or restrictors
  • Preparing and calibrating the equipment
  • Operating the equipment in compliance with current legislation and codes of practice
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Disposing of unwanted pesticides and containers
  • Identifying and rectifying faults
  • Recognising conditions when spraying is ill advisable